Are Cruiser Bikes Good for Exercises?

I tend to believe that things in life exist for a purpose, such as a watch’s purpose is to tell the time. When the idea was conceived, a cruiser bike made, it was not meant to be for exercising, rather it was to be a luxury product for sports and recreation. I am using the phrase “sports and recreation” rather loosely here because cruiser bicycles are normally made with 1 gear only, except for some within the higher price options then you may have 21 gears made by Shimano. Even then, I would always choose any other type of bicycles such as a hybrid, a mountain, or a road bike before thinking about exercising on a cruiser bike. It is quite uncomfortable if you are using it for an extended period. But it still assists in keeping the weight down. In the occurrence that you have already purchased a cruiser bicycle and you would like to exercise with one, a few simple guidelines should be followed:

Enjoy your work out!

Enjoy Your Work Out!
Enjoy Your Work Out!

This can not be stressed enough, I think. As with all things in life, consistency, and persistence count towards success so it is crucial that you must enjoy the ride as much as possible. Rome was not built in a day. Choose a scenic route, join a cycling club, invite friends to ride with you, or even if it is an indoor ride with virtual cycling programs, these are all great options that keep you engaged, motivated and most importantly committed to exercising. After all, the more you enjoy, the more you do, and the more calories you will burn.


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