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Are Cruiser Bikes Good for Exercises? – Atma Cycles
Are Cruiser Bikes Good for Exercises

Are Cruiser Bikes Good for Exercises?

I tend to believe that things in life exist for a purpose, such as a watch’s purpose is to tell the time. When the idea was conceived, a cruiser bike made, it was not meant to be for exercising, rather it was to be a luxury product for sports and recreation. I am using the phrase “sports and recreation” rather loosely here because cruiser bicycles are normally made with 1 gear only, except for some within the higher price options then you may have 21 gears made by Shimano. Even then, I would always choose any other type of bicycles such as a hybrid, a mountain, or a road bike before thinking about exercising on a cruiser bike. It is quite uncomfortable if you are using it for an extended period. But it still assists in keeping the weight down. In the occurrence that you have already purchased a cruiser bicycle and you would like to exercise with one, a few simple guidelines should be followed:

Enjoy your work out!

Enjoy Your Work Out!
Enjoy Your Work Out!

This can not be stressed enough, I think. As with all things in life, consistency, and persistence count towards success so it is crucial that you must enjoy the ride as much as possible. Rome was not built in a day. Choose a scenic route, join a cycling club, invite friends to ride with you, or even if it is an indoor ride with virtual cycling programs, these are all great options that keep you engaged, motivated and most importantly committed to exercising. After all, the more you enjoy, the more you do, and the more calories you will burn.

Eat more frequently but in smaller bite sizes

Consuming enough is important when you will be burning lots of calories and building muscles. Skipping a meal to lose the extra pounds may work against you in more ways than could be imagined. Additionally, psychologically speaking we are all creatures of habits. If you decided to lose weight, but this decision was not broken down into small actionable steps and carried out, the risk of returning to your comfort zone without any exercise is much higher than maintaining the habit.

A few easy ways to do this is to gradually cut down on the high-sugar, high-fat food, and drinks, smaller servings more frequently during the day. You can eat six meals a day and the calories consumed can still be less than your three regular meals. Drinking enough water is also very important. If you intend to ride a long period, say more than 45 minutes, remember to bring electrolyte water. Your body needs minerals.


Eat More Frequently But In Smaller Bite Sizes
Eat More Frequently But In Smaller Bite Sizes

This is why I mentioned earlier that each type of bicycle has a certain purpose. If you plan to make cycling a part of your daily exercise then a cruiser bike, whilst stylish and laid back, creates more problems in the long run. On a cruiser bike, you sit up straight which is aerodynamically inefficient for fast rides yet the quality of exercise is dependent on the intensity and the duration of your practice.

Choices in apparel are also important here. Some of the basics are cycling shorts (the more comfortable the better), a helmet (safety reason), and cycling shoes (clipless shoes are safer choices for bikers).

Training partner (s)

Whilst you can do this alone, training with another person or within a group is always more enjoyable. Besides having a training partner is essential for the days you feel less than yourself or the early mornings you do not have the motivation to wake up. A more experienced training partner is recommended as you will be able to learn a lot and make fewer mistakes (which could lead to you eventually giving up the sports altogether), enjoy more of the ride. In the case that you do not know anyone who would be your riding partner, perhaps try to join a club close or inquire with the local bike shops, they always know.

Your Bike Is Your Most Important Partner

Your Bike Is Your Most Important Partner
Your Bike Is Your Most Important Partner

This goes without explaining too much. To be able to enjoy your ride, to exercise, you need a bicycle that works so you will need to know a few fundamentals in keeping your best buddy in top-notch shape. While repairs are outside of your realm and should be left for the trained professionals, basic maintenance habits you should learn to upskill yourself (regardless of your gender), including 1. Changing a flat tire 2. Tighten handle bar bolts 3. Fix a broken chain 4. Clean your bike and drive train. The more you know, the more you will feel integrated with your bike, hence more appreciation and becoming better at maintaining hence more enjoyable ride. The cycle keeps ongoing.

Intervals should be attempted at least twice per week

Intervals are great to lose weight. Many people exercise without a plan. Certainly, some exercise is better than nothing however to get better bang for your bucks, a plan is always recommended. Any good plan out there would tell you that you need to incorporate at least 2 times during the week with short interval training sessions. They are easy to do, does not take up too much time and they are great for you to build on your speed and intensity. Overall, excellent to boost metabolism.

Concluding remark

Intervals Should Be Attempted At Least Twice Per Week
Intervals Should Be Attempted At Least Twice Per Week

Exercising by cycling is such a great way to lose weight, But not only that, it is a habit that lower stress, boost self-esteem, and more importantly when you exercise, your body releases endorphin making your day so much more energetic and positive. Whilst it may be that cruiser bikes aren’t the best type of bicycle to use for a good exercise daily, it does not prevent you from having a lot of fun, creating memories with loved ones and still losing the extra bit of calories in between and I am certain, after you do enough of it, you will feel right as rain and almost like nothing can pull you down.

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